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InvestigateWest - Prescription for Abuse Series

Crosscut: "Drug industry has so far stalled safety and pollution measure" - Leftover medications are fueling an epidemic of prescription-drug abuse that is killing more Washingtonians than traffic accidents, say drug-addiction experts. Yet pharmaceutical companies have consistently torpedoed efforts here to fund a statewide disposal program for unused drugs. 

Spokane Spokesman-Review:  "Prescription drug abuse, deaths target of new Washington law" - With a law that took effect this month, Washington state is making a bold attempt to reduce overdose deaths.

Crosscut:  "Prescription for abuse: Washington tries to get serious"
Responding to concerns about excessive prescribing of drugs, Washington state has new rules in effect. But will it make a difference in a trend that is claiming more lives nationally, including among the young?

KCTS 9 TV - "Prescription for Abuse"  to air Mon, January 30th 9 pm

KCTS 9 and InvestigateWest report on the alarming increase in prescription-drug abuse in Washington state, looking at doctors who overprescribe, the lack of regulation or treatment options, and how this epidemic is affecting teenagers, seniors and middle-class families.

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