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Temporary Drop-Off Locations

Find out where you can take back unwanted medicines in Washington State. Current drop-off sites are a temporary solution. We need a permanent statewide program!

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How can I dispose of my unwanted and expired medicines?

Ongoing Temporary Take-Back Programs
For the safety of our kids, families and environment, some law enforcement offices and pharmacies are collecting unwanted medicines from residents until a permanent statewide program is in place.  Local governments, businesses, individuals and citizen groups are working to create a statewide program paid for by drug companies. Check here to find a temporary take-back location near you. 

What to do when you return your medicines

  • Check the What Can You Take Back list to see which items are accepted.
  • Leave medicines in their original containers and, if you wish, mark out any personal information.
  • Most law enforcement offices listed here can accept all medicines, including controlled substances. 
  • For now, pharmacies cannot accept controlled substances. If you need to dispose of a controlled substance, take it to a participating law enforcement location.
  • Additional options - If you cannot find a convenient location in your county, check here for what you can do.

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Locations Found:

Bartell Drugs, Magnolia Pharmacy

2222 32nd Ave. W, Seattle WA 98199 - King County Monday - Friday 9am-9pm; Saturday 9am-7pm; Sunday 10am-6pm No controlled substances

Bartell Drugs, University Village Pharmacy

2700 NE University Village St., Seattle WA 98105 - King County Monday - Friday 8am-10pm; Saturday 8am-9pm; Sunday 9am-9pm Does not accept vitamins. No controlled substances

Bartell Drugs, Upper Queen Anne Pharmacy

1929 Queen Anne Ave. N, Seattle WA 98109 - King County Monday - Friday 9am-9pm; Saturday 9am-6pm; Sunday 10am-6pm No controlled substances

Bartell Drugs, White Center Pharmacy

9600 15th Ave. SW, Seattle WA 98106 - King County Monday-Friday 9am-9pm; Saturday 9am-6pm; Sunday 10am-6pm No controlled substances
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