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Personal plan. For your protection and Privacy, we have prepared a policy-based file for managing personal information, as well as using cookies related to the website

Data collection and protection of personal information

This website complies with these policies relating to the security of personal information.

The personal information presented will certainly be effectively protected to stop unauthorized access. of course, not being re-sold or made use of is different from their desired functions. Please note that the presentation of individual information is still voluntary demanding if you intend to leave talking about blogging or call us via call type.


When website visitors leave to talk about the site we collect the information presented. however, by choosing to comment,you agree with the management of specific information.

Get in touch with type

In a blog, the end of the call type requires the handling of each data, which is used to talk to each submission type in response to the data transmitted through the type is stored for customer service purposes on and off, nonetheless it does not work.


The website makes use of cookies to adjust the content of Cyto cookies. it also provides the person with the advertisement.

Throughout your first check-out to the blog,details about making use of cookies. approval of this information is recommended to consent to the use of cookies such as details about individual privacy. you can withdraw this permission by deleting cookies and changing the cookie settings in your brother.

Cookies used do not store any kind of personal details or many other information collected.

The following types of cookies are used as part of the blog site:

Important: these cookies contribute to the functioning of the site by using common features such as page navigation and the availability to protect the site area. the site cannot function properly without these cookies.

Settings: these cookies engage in site functionality by enabling basic features. the site cannot work properly without these cookies.

Statistics: analytical cookies help website owners recognize that different consumers operate on the site by accumulating and reporting confidential information, for example, this allows us to track personal experiences, including this information, as well as Te-B compiled to verify more specific products and interests, so that we can create content on topics that suit our audience’s interest rates.

Anonymous: Anonymous cookies are documents in the classification process along with personal cookie companies.

Constitutional freedom when it comes to the handling of personal information, the person is adhering to the right to the right.:

  • The right to claim access to your personal information from the supervisor;
  • Right to edit information;
  • Right to delete details;
  • Permissions to limit processing;
  • Right to challenge processing;
  • Right to move data (if appropriate);.
  • The right to execute authorization provides a private detailed procedure for one of the functions if such approval is previously provided.
  • The right to file a problem with the management authority regarding the management of personal information.
    Save server

The use of the TBB website consists of sending requests to the server at the W website. each requirement sent to the server is stored in the logs of

The record is stored as well as stored on the server.

The information stored in the web server log is not related to the details of people using the web server.

The site,along with their material, will not be disclosed to any person other than certified.


Audio services,music,voice talent You realize that you have reviewed our individual privacy plan as well as accept its requirements.