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Protect our kids, families and environment. Washington State needs a statewide medicine take-back program.

Take Back Your Meds is a group of organizations demanding a statewide program for the safe return and disposal of left-over medicines.

 Kitsap County RX Take Back

Important message from the Kitsap County Reduce Underage Drinking Youth Council.  Dispose of unwanted medicines in a safe way! 

Margaret King5 - Earth Day


Do you ever worry about what toxins could be in your home? This Earth Day find out more about unwanted medicines.



Tom Watson- King5-Earth Day


Detox your home for Earth Day!



Margaret Q13- pre-earth day   

Find out more about safe disposal of unwanted medicines.



State Rep on Prescrip Drug Waste - YouTube

Washington State Representatives Hudgins and Van De Wege talk about prescription drug waste - House Bill 1370 




Today in Washington State more people are dying from prescription drug abuse than from car crashes. Prescription drugs - used incorrectly - are killing more people in King County than all other illegal drugs, combined. Read more...
Six local pharmacies in Bellingham are currently accepting unwanted and expired medications for secure, appropriate and legal disposal. Collection will protect public health and the environment by preventing accidental poisoning and reducing medications entering Bellingham Bay via down-the-drain disposal. Read more...
Addictive prescription painkillers were mixed with diet pills, antacids, cough syrups and vitamins. Left in a medicine cabinet, the unused medications could have been deadly or abused. Flushed down a toilet or thrown away in a landfill, the drugs could have polluted drinking water and wildlife habitat. Read more...
What's needed is a comprehensive program, funded by the pharmaceutical industry, that will not only build on existing efforts to educate the public on what to do with unused prescription drugs, but also offer lots of secure, easily accessed sites to drop them off. Read more...
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