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TBYM Logo     Take Back Your Meds - Disposal of Unwanted Medicines

November 10, 2011

Transcript:  Most of us have unwanted medicines sitting in our medicine cabinets posing a real danger to our families and you may have been hearing confusing messages about how to properly get rid of them.  Well experts agree the safest way to dispose of old medicines is through a secure take-back program.  Don't throw them in the trash, don't flush them and don't keep them stored in your home past the expiration date.  To find a take-back location near you or to learn more logon to or find us on facebook.  That's

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Komo news radio button                        KOMO News Radio - Jim Williams, WA Poison Control

March 2, 2011

Jim Williams, executive director of Washington Poison Center speaks to KIRO radio on the Take Back Your Meds program. The program, proposed as Senate bill 5234, would require the pharmacy industry to devise a plan to safely dispose of drugs, keeping prescription pills out of the wrong hands.

Kiro radio button                     KIRO, My Northwest Weekend News Radio - Take Back your Meds 

February 20, 2011


Komo news radio button                           KOMO News Radio - Take Back your Meds 

Febuary 19, 2011


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