Other Medicine Take-Back Disposal Options


If there are no conveniently located medicine take-back sites on our Temporary Drop Off Location list, the additional pharmacies listed below may offer a medicine take-back service as well.  At this time, these pharmacy take-back programs cannot accept controlled substances – such as prescription narcotics – however, they can collect all other prescription and over-the-counter medicines for safe disposal. Some of these programs charge a fee for disposal.

National Community Pharmacy Association’s (NCPA) Dispose My Meds Program

Check this online resource to see if a medicine disposal program at a local independent community pharmacy is available near you.   If you find a convenient location, we recommend you call first to make sure they still provide this service. Pharmacies cannot accept controlled substances, at this time, due to current federal regulations.

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Mail-Away Programs

At some pharmacies, customers can purchase pre-paid mailers for unwanted medicines. Here’s how it works:  After purchasing the mailer, the customer puts their medicines in the pre-addressed mailer and sends it to an environmental returns program that properly disposes of the medicines. Controlled substances cannot be sent in these mailers, due to current federal regulations.

Below are the store locator websites of pharmacy chains that offer these mailers. If one of the pharmacies listed below are located  near you we recommend you call to confirm that the medicine take-back mailers are available at that location and the cost of each mailer. If you have a lot of unwanted medicines, you may want to ask about how many medicines each mailer holds.


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