Setting up a Take-Back Kiosk

Who can host a Take-back Kiosk?
Take back Kiosks are designed for long-term care facilities (LTCF), licensed law enforcement and drug treatment centers, as well as retail pharmacies and hospitals and clinics with on-site pharmacies. When used in long-term care, an approved “collector” must manage a Take-Back Kiosk collection receptacle program.

Who is a “collector”?
A collector is an approved DEA registrant that applies with the DEA to collect controlled substances from ultimate users. Retail pharmacies can install and manage a Take-Back Kiosk by registering with the DEA as a collector. Additionally, retail pharmacies may install and manage MedSafe programs at LTCFs.

Law enforcement locations are exempt from having to registering with the DEA as a “collector” as they already have a plan in place for the collection and destruction of controlled substance such as opioids. If you are a Law enforcement location and would like to request a free take back kiosk please contact for details.

Can I comingle non-controlled medications and controlled substances in a Take back Kiosk?
Yes. Both controlled (Schedules II-V) and non-controlled substances can be disposed of in Take back Kiosks.

Where can I find information on the DEA regulations?
A link to the full regulations is here. You can access links for DEA registrants, LTCFs and more here.